jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Not even two days. It feels as I had never been two days without him. Usually it was about waiting for him to give a sign or just show up without knowing what would happen, and then he was here. But now, the difference is that I know, tomorrow or the next day, he will not come back. I saw the pictures on my closet this morning, and then I just cried. Me and him, happy together, kissing each other, having a beautiful time. And now he's away, my body and my heart are weak. I spent the night lying in my bed, crying my heart out. I couldn't even get up, when I opened my eyes and first heard the rain falling down, and remember him, again. Not going to school, feeling pain in all my limbs. Tears, that's all you can gain from me at the moment. As I'm waiting, I could shape a thousand cranes and wish you to come back to me.

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